Space & Product Presentation 

Where products are located and how they are displayed has great impact on each item’s sales and your overall performance. To make the best use of your physical and virtual space, you must answer many questions.

How much floor space should you dedicate to a category? Department? How much shelf space should you dedicate to this product? Where on the shelf should you put it? How much inventory is needed for presentation purposes? Will you get more sales if you place products together? Which products should you present to this customer? How many? How does my customer shop? on-line? in-store? 

Analytics can help you better understand how your customer shops. How the space for an item or department impacts sales. Which products are more likely to sell together. Which product characteristics such as style, color, brand, flavor or size are most important to your customer. How presentation stock choices influence your profitability. And so on.

These insights have helped retailers better use their space and present product for improved sales, higher margins and reduced costs.



WE CRUNCH DATA TO help you use space better

We analyse your consumers shopping behavior to help you understand impact of space on products and how consumers shop so you can make better decisions about where to place product.

  • Understand and inform business strategy
  • Analyze large and complex data sets, 
  • Data scrubbing, simulations, statistical modeling and other advanced analytic methods
  • Provide demand insights such as product affinity, space elasticity, attributes, consumer decision trees, etc.
  • Strategic insights and recommendations

Help identify space opportunities, provide consumer decision trees, scrub promotions from historical data, evaluate presentation stock, etc.



Whether you are currently using or implementing space planning or optimization systems, Cognira can help you get quality results that meet your objectives.

  • Review user processes and business objectives
  • Examine systems settings
  • Align optimization to business strategies 
  • Refresh and tune system parameters, such as space elasticities, product affinities, etc.
  • Customize enhancements
  • Educate user community

Insights about consumer demand can also inform ecommerce platforms in product placement. 

Where else do we help retailers get value from data?

How can you better leverage analytics?

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