Promotional Alignment

Aligning data, systems and processes across departments to improve profits.

System Support for Promotions

Tuning systems to reduce stock-outs and over-stocks.

Forecasting to Improve Fulfillment

Adjusting forecasting system to account for changing fulfillment strategies.

Forecast System Tuning

Improving forecast accuracy for better sales and customer service.

Strategic Value from Big Data

Leveraging Hadoop related technology for strategic initiative.

Merchandise Financial Planning at Specialty Retailer

Implementing MFP to drive omni-channel business based on top-down strategy.

Merchandise Financial Planning at Apparel Retailer

Customize MFP solution for cross-channel visibility.

Merchandise Financial Planning, Assortment Planning and Item Planning at a Fashion Retailer/Distributer

Reduce complexity of assortment solution for greater adoption and stronger process.

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