Omnichannel Analytics

Are your order fulfillment algorithms aligned with your replenishment practices? Are you efficiently fulfilling your customer orders?

We've helped several retailers identify omni-channel strategies to improve and better align customer order fulfillment, forecasting and inventory management practices.

Retailers who see a peak e-commerce demand during the holidays, have significant challenges here. Some take approach of routing demand to satellite stores. Others want to anticipate demand as close as possible to the consumer.

Best practices are still emerging and evolving in this area, but retailers know that how they stock product and fulfill customer orders has high impact on sales, costs and brand. 

HOW can we help?


HOW CAN YOU BETTER inform your omni-channel supply chain?

We help retailers looking to improve efficiency and accuracy of data-driven decision making as an overall strategy or in a specific area of business, such as omni-channel. In our opportunity assessment, we meet with retailers to:

  • Understand business challenges and objectives
  • Review current processes
  • Evaluate system configurations
  • Assess available data
  • Identify opportunities for improvement, in line with short and long term strategies

An external perspective can help evaluate and develop business case for system changes and further analysis. 



Cognira can help you set up your forecasting, replenishment, and fulfillment systems to ensure your omni-channel strategies are supported with the right inventory in the right place, fulfilled from the right place in timely fashion.

  • Review user processes and business objectives
  • Examine systems settings
  • Align system to business strategies
  • Update and tune system parameters and data
  • Customize enhancements
  • Educate user community

Ensuring e-commerce demand is appropriately accounted for and predicted is a core capability of the new omni-channel supply chain. Likewise, stock strategies should align to meet both brick and mortar needs and order fulfillment requirements appropriately throughout various seasons and events.

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