We’ve always believed in the value of data.  And know the right talent is critical to realizing that value. And rare to find.

To help retailers gain the most return on your data, we bring a unique and necessary combination of expertise:

Retail Experience.

Business Minds.

Value Seekers. 

Understanding retail processes, terminology, trends, pains, data, trends, people, strategies and finance are all important to ensure we can connect data science to retail reality.  As is being able to communicate advanced concepts to both leadership and teams on the ground. 

We want to make science easy so that retailers can excel. And understanding our retailers is essential to achieve this.

Advanced Analytics.


Data Science.


Without strong, varied disciplines in quantitative analytics, anyone looking at data will see what they already believe or want to be true. Not what is really happening. Or how to change it.

Data science can help you see things more clearly and accurately. And help you execute efficiently to your goals.





Retail data has always been big. And it’s getting bigger. Sifting through all of this to get value – requires serious technology skills. Our teams have built top retail analytics platforms and are experienced in big data and advanced analytic technologies such as Hadoop, Spark and Storm.

They are ready to help you do some heavy data lifting. There's gold in there. Let's go find it.


Mark Bloemeke

Mark Bloemeke


Mark Bloemeke brings over 20 years experience in technology and advanced analytics.

Mark's career involves building technical architecture and systems for planning, forecasting and supply chain solutions for retailers. And leveraging big data technology to solve complex problems.

Prior to Cognira, Mark served as the CTO of a hedge fund, where he oversaw construction of a trading platform that leveraged aspects of big data and HPC . Prior to that he co-founded LogicBlox (underlying platform for Predictix, now Infor). Mark was also one of the architects and developers of Oracle Retail planning and supply chain systems. 

Greg Brooks

Greg Brooks


Greg has decades of experience as a skilled leader, architect and software craftsman.

He has deep expertise in the development of reliable, efficient and innovative solutions.  He is knowledgeable in cloud and big data technologies and their use in retail and network security applications.

Prior to Cognira, Greg led teams at Cisco in the development of network security appliances and cloud services. Prior to that, he co-founded LogicBlox (a database platform for Predictix and Infor). Greg also managed the team that built the Oracle Retail planning and analytics platform.

Jo Claire Mitchell

Jo Claire Mitchell


Jo Claire has the unique combination of expertise in Advanced Analytics and Retail business processes.

She is a versatile and value-focused retail technology leader with deep expertise in advanced analytics and data science. She is skilled at bridging communications between business and technical teams. Jo Claire helped retailers of many sizes and verticals achieve measurable benefit using analytical software and services. 

Prior to Cognira, Jo Claire worked for Oracle Retail and other software consulting firms. She served as Oracle Retail's Director Product Strategy, where she worked with retailers and industry experts to define strategy for analytic, optimization and forecasting solutions in merchandising and supply chain. 


Hatem is a subject matter expert in advanced analytics, data science and retail business processes.

He led teams that have built, implemented and managed solutions to support processes from planning through to supply chain.  

Prior to Cognira, Hatem co-founded Predictix (currently Infor). Prior to Predictix, Hatem held several roles at Retek (currently Oracle Retail) his last role was the Director of the Retek Labs. 

Bahadir Ustaoglu

Bahadir Ustaoglu


Baha brings together expertise in building scalable, data-driven technology solutions to retail problems.

He has a proven track record of designing, configuring, customizing, implementing and delivering complex enterprise class planning, forecasting and replenishment software in Fortune 100 Retailers.

Prior to Cognira he has served leadership roles in multiple organizations in retail technology; Director of Product Strategy at Manhattan Associates, Senior Managing Consultant at IBM, Director of Program Management at Predictix (now Infor)


Linda is a leading innovator and practitioner of applied retail science, with expertise ranging across traditional operations research, computational data science and artificial intelligence.  

Linda has worked with hundreds of retailers across multiple verticals and geographies and developed expertise in areas such as replenishment, allocation, demand forecasting, assortment planning/optimization, pack optimization, order planning/network optimization, pricing, promotional effectiveness/optimization, and customer profiling.

Prior to coming to Cognira, Linda was a co-founder and the Chief Science Officer at Quantum Retail Technology.  She also served as the Chief Science Officer at 8th Bridge (now part of Fluid, Inc.).  

Bill Zacher

Bill Zacher


Bill brings deep expertise in retail planning processes and solutions. He has over 15 years experience of successfully leading the delivery of unique business driven RPAS solutions. He has led many large scale projects that introduce technology to solve business needs. He provides real-life experiences and leverages best practices to configure solutions that retailers adopt and use, delivering on-time and on-budget.

Prior to Cognira, Bill has worked as a consultant implementing RPAS solutions. He was a Partner at Predictix, leading teams to successful adoption of planning and forecasting solutions.