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Retail Expertise

Our team brings deep retail expertise and a passion for the future to create innovative, new approaches to solve your problems. Our years of experience ensures we understand the goals, the constraints, what’s worked and hasn’t, and the latest changes. Our passion for the future pushes us to envision what it could be.

Data Science

Our team applies the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to find better answers from the relationships that are hidden in your data. We know the ins and outs of deep neural networks, semantic analysis, and convnets and know how to apply it over all your data sources (sales, images, text descriptions, etc..) to unlock new insights.

Software Engineering

Our team pulls together all the different data points you need to make better decisions. Not only that, we make it work quickly and consistently. Our expertise with the latest big data platforms enables us to handle truly big data. Our years of experience in retail analytics, ensures we get it right.

To help


Apparel &
Department Stores



Grocers &

Solve Problems With Their

We can help you better understand your customers so you get the right product in the right places at the right time and at the right price.


We can help ensure that your promotions are driving business value and help you understand the impacts of different offers, channels, and more.


We are forecast experts who can help you make more accurate predictions of demand for new, promoted, or just run of the mill items.

Inventory Management

We can ensure that you’re putting the right amount of inventory in the right spots in your supply chain so you can efficiently meet your customers needs.

and Have Produced Big Results

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