Implementation Approach

By providing iterative deliveries and early exposure to the custom solution before design and build were complete, we helped transition to a new process and fine tune the solution (and process) over the duration of the project. Visibility to prototype solutions helped prioritize which nuances and unique needs to support.

Unique Solution

Some key aspects of the multi-channel implementation included unique measure sets for different channels. For example, in direct sales, demand and shipments provide unique information. Another aspect for the retailer is that they pool inventory across channels. This required unique views and hierarchy to enable summary views of inventory by warehouse.

Business Benefits

  • Improved efficiencies by coordinating and aligning processes (previously separate processes managed by different business owners in excel)
  • Enabled merchandising to drive business from top down strategies
  • Enhanced cross-channel reconciliation and support unique needs of various channels and countries
  • Addressed omni-channel needs, such as consolidation of ownership and inventory visibility (international retail, wholesale, direct (catalog and e-commerce) and outlet operations)

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