Implementation Approach

    Business process experts combined with RPAS subject matter experts challenged the team to keep their processes and the solution simple.  The planning team was small and the tool needed to be efficient from a planning and performance perspective.

    Unique Solution

    An integrated MFP to AP/IP solution provided easy reconciliation within the planning tools.  A reporting specific workbook was created to allow for executives and planning directors/managers to create real-time reports within RPAS.  The solution was designed to allow users to plan in either local currency or USD by making a simple selection during the workbook build process.  Location planning was included to allow for finance to create comp plans and reconcile with their finance system.

    Business BENEFITS

    • Provided visibility to omni-channel plans, which previously did not exist in one place
    • Aligned/merged responsibilities of online and retail store planning
    • Reduced complexity and improved performance of previous RPAS implementation (Assortments were planned in spreadsheets because AP implementation was not usable.)
    • Streamlined processes for Assortment Planning to support stronger plans

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