Some Ways we can help

Better Localize your Assortment

We can help you better meet your local customer’s need. We can assist in developing a manageable # of store with similar customer needs, to predicting a local customers response to a product, to spotting items that sell really well online but aren’t in stores.

Better understand who your customers are

We can help you develop a more complete profile of the different types of customers who shop your stores, in person, and/or online, so that you can better meet their needs.

Find Product Areas to Expand or Contract

We can help you identify what brands or other product attributes will work well with the customers at each store, even if they haven’t been stocked their previously. And, we can spot product areas where the assortment is really redundant and can be contracted.

Use your online sales to spot Opportunities

We can spot where a product is selling well online and makes sense to add to a store’s assortment.

Identify the latest trends in the market

We can help you spot the styles / types of products are `trending` in the marketplace.

Find how customers pick products

We can help you identify the series of decisions that consumers make when selecting which products to purchase, so you can identifying assortment gaps, assess product innovations, and identify redundant products.Not only that, it can help you create a customer centric, easy to shop presentation.

What we Could Deliver

Advanced Analytics Tools

We can deliver advanced analytics software that will recommend actions to your business users and help them understand why those recommendations were made.

RECOMMENDATIONS / business Analysis

We can perform an analysis of how you’re doing in an area, what steps you can take to improve them, and recommendations on how to prioritize them/go after them.

Improvement to Your Existing Solutions

We can deliver changes to your existing software to help ensure you capture the maximum value from those systems.

Staff to Support Your Business Process

We can provide top tier talent to execute parts of your business process so you can focus on the true heart of your business.